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actually this game is only for symbian 2nd edition, but we can play it too with N-GAGE emulator. before emulator being instaled your phone must be hacked.

 so actually it's pretty simple, just prepare below:
1. n-gage emulator
2. the game
3. x-plore

The first step, install the emulator. after the emulator is installed it will appear like this.  

after all it worked
download the game, up to you ........ and save it to a separate folder then, for example, name of the folder is "games"

for example I use the game space impact
after that, open x-plore and create a new folder on the memory card with the name "n-gage"


after that, copy the game files n-gage in the folder that you created.

after that open the n-gage emulator, it will automatically install like this

start the game, do not forget to turn rompatcher off because it will take a lot of ram.
after that, please enjoy the game

 resident evil 2.3 MB
digital legens one 12,8 MB
crash bandicot nitro cart 5,6 MB
brothers in army 28,6 MB
boom blox 2,8 MB
solitaire 2,5 MB
metal gear solid 2,5 MB
bounce boing voyage 5,6 MB
worms world party 4,3 MB
tomb raider 1,9 MB
the sims pet 2,4MB
star wars force unleashed 15,7 MB
 reset generation 25,8
snake subsonic 2,6 MB
mile high pinball 14,2 MB
dogz 1,8 MB

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it is fake......don't waste your time in downloading

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